Checking System Information with !sysinfo

Checking System Information

There will most certainly be times when you are debugging, and require to know information about the system you are debugging. Fortunately, there is a very useful extension provided by the Windows Debugger, in which we can use to gain such invaluable information from dump files. The command is !sysinfo.

The extension will be able provide information, such as the motherboard model with revision number, the BIOS model with the timestamp and current version of the BIOS and the clockspeed of the CPU.

!sysinfo Parameters:

cpuinfo: This will provide basic information about the CPU.

cpuspeed: This will provide the maximum and current clockspeed of the CPU (ideal for overclocked systems).

machineid: This will provide information about the system, which includes BIOS, SMBIOS, firmware and motherboard.

smbios: This will provide information regarding the RAM, BIOS, CPU and SMBIOS.


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