Driver Verifier – Command Line

What is Driver Verifier?

Driver Verifier is a very useful tool which is provided by the Windows operating system. The filename is verifier.exe. The tool is used to test corrupted drivers, especially for third-party programs.

If you wish to enable Driver Verifier, then visit these two links:

Driver Verifier Command-Line Options:

To access and use these commands, you must use an elevated Command Prompt to do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Click Start or use the the Windows flag key on your keyboard.
  2. In “Search programs and files” – type: cmd
  3. Right-Click “cmd” and then select Run As Administrator
  4. Accept the UAC prompt

Figure 1 – Elevated Command Prompt

Now, you will want to simply enter the desired commands into Command Prompt and Press Enter.

verifier /reset: This will clear all the current settings, after the next boot, Driver Verifier will no longer check any Drivers.

verifier /query: This will show the current activity of Driver Verifier, and what drivers are being checked. 

verifier /querysettings: This will show the current settings and driver which will be checked after rebooting the system.

verifier /volatile: This will change any settings without having to reboot the system. The command can be used with /adddriver and /removedriver to check specific drivers. 


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