Debugging 0x19 BAD_POOL_HEADER

This is going to be another post a link to a useful tutorial blog post, I’ll post a few other one-link blog posts soon:

Debugging 0x19 BAD_POOL_HEADER 

    Have fun reading!

    EDIT: I’ve added the link again, so hopefully it now works, I’m going to paste the URL down below, just in case the link still doesn’t work:

    About 0x14c

    I'm currently a Software Developer. My primary interests are Mathematics, Programming and Windows Internals.
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    2 Responses to Debugging 0x19 BAD_POOL_HEADER

    1. anshad says:

      Hi Harry

      Your blog only came to my attention recently. Great posts and a lot of new things to learn. I really appreciate your willingness to spend time to help people on SF and share your knowledge in this blog.

      While reading, noticed the link given in this post is not working.Hope you will fix it soon.

      Regards, Anshad


    2. Harry Miller says:

      Sorry, I've just noticed your comment now, I'll post a new link, it doesn't seem to be working for me either.

      I'm glad you enjoy my blog 🙂


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