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Debugging Stop 0xE3 [With Thread]

I apologize for not updating my blog very regularly this month (it’s been my birthday too), since I haven’t been able to find any dump files which were interesting or useful to write about. I’ve wanted to post this particular … Continue reading

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Exactly Why Are Page Faults Illegal At IRQL Level 2?

You may notice with Stop 0xA, Stop 0xD1 and Stop 0xC5, there always seems to be a illegal page fault or some other illegal instruction, although, page faults seem to be the most common. To answer the question in the … Continue reading

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Debugging a Stop 0x9F Even Further – Using !drvobj

We’re back with another Stop 0x9F to debug, in my opinion, these bugchecks are usually the easiest bugchecks to debug, since they usually point out the driver with the !irp extension, but sometimes the !irp extension may not reveal the … Continue reading

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Debugging a Stop 0x9F – Power Transistion Time Out

I’ve previously explained how to debug a Stop 0x9F with a blocked IRP, although, there is a different situation when the !irp, !devobj and !devstack extensions are not viable option for debugging. This is because the cause of the crash … Continue reading

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Debugging Counterfeit Installations – Why I Don’t Bother With Them

Note: This article is my opinion, and isn’t intended to offend anyone [Point 3] Although this blog post, is not exactly a tutorial or a link to a tutorial, I would like to explain why I don’t even consider debugging … Continue reading

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Basics of the Windows Driver Model

According to the Windows Driver Model, there are three different kinds of drivers, which will operate within the driver stacks etc. These types of drivers are: Bus Drivers; Filter Drivers and Function Drivers. The bus drivers are typically already provided … Continue reading

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Debugging Stop 0x1A – MEMORY_MANAGEMENT

Thanks muhahaa for pointing the PFN data structure out to me. A Stop 0x1A is quite common in my opinion, and usually is caused by two things: device drivers and RAM. Although, other causes can include the Windows Kernel and … Continue reading

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