Symbol Errors – Kernel Dump Files

Okay, the 8th of October saw many security updates delivered through Windows Update onto our systems. As a result of this, the timestamp for the NT Kernel may changed, and therefore has left the symbols currently on the Microsoft Server outdated, leading to the symbol errors we have been seeing.

If I’ve read correctly, users’ dump files who have not yet updated will show no symbol errors, and users who have updated will show symbol errors; this is not to say don’t install the latest security updates, please do so if you haven’t, but for BSOD Analysts I believe Microsoft should be updating their symbol server soon.

Source –|-information-|-discussions/7359-ntoskrnl-exe-nt-kernel-symbol-errors-windbg.html


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I'm currently a Software Developer. My primary interests are Graph Theory, Number Theory, Programming Language Theory, Logic and Windows Debugging.
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