Where Did My Kernel Memory Dump Go?

Okay, this going to be a very short blog post about the common problem with Kernel Memory Dumps not being saved, despite your efforts to following all the instructions listed in this Sysnative Tutorial, Windows still doesn’t seem to be saving your Kernel Memory Dumps. So what’s the problem? The answer lies within the registry.

According to customer service feedback, many users were complaining about Kernel Memory Dumps using their hard drive space. For the average user, unless receiving support on a forum, then these Kernel Memory Dumps are valueless, as a result you will need to create a registry key called AlwaysKeepMemoryDump was created to address this issue.

If this registry key is set to 1, then Kernel Memory Dumps will always be saved regardless.

The highlighted key shows the maximum number of Minidumps which will be created.


Kernel dump storage and clean up behavior in Windows 7

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