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WinDbg Cheat Sheet

I’ve created a comprehensive and complete WinDbg cheat sheet of the most general and useful extensions/commands which you’ll be using regularly. I’ve added a few data structures to the list too. The list is organised by category, according to the … Continue reading

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List of Reverse Engineering and Debugging Tools

I may have created a small list of tools before, however, I would like to expand this list and provide some better descriptions for each of the tools listed. These tools are either completely free or have a limited free … Continue reading

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Computational Number Theory – Pseudo Random Numbers

Computers are increasingly being used to solve mathematical problems, and are becoming more prominent in solving problems in Number Theory and Graph Theory, as well as, fields of Physics and Biology. However, computers have been used to create seemingly random … Continue reading

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Data Structures – Red and Black Trees

Graph Theory Related Concepts: Before explaining the concept of Red and Black Trees and some of the algorithm analysis related to Red and Black Trees. It’s best to have a understanding of some basic Graph Theory, such as what is … Continue reading

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