A Complete List of Johnson Solids

The Johnson Solids are a family of shapes with some very interesting forms. There is 92 Johnson Solids in total, with a proof being provided by Zalgaller (1969).

All the Johnson Solids are convex polyhedra, with equal side lengths (some exceptions) and regular faces. The general rule required for a Johnson Solid, is it must be a convex polyhedron; each face must be a regular polygon and can’t be a Archimedean Solid, Platonic Solid, Prism or Anti-Prism.

A table of Johnson Solids can be found on Wolfram MathWorld. I’ve added the same table for convenience. The {n} represents a n-sided polygon. For example, the first Johnson Solid contains four triangles and one square.

Johnson Solid TableJohnson Solid Table 2

Johnson Solid Table 3A video listing all the Johnson Solids can be found below:


List of Johnson Solids

Convex Polyhedra with Regular Faces (Johnson 1966) [.PDF]

Johnson Solid


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