Blog Title Change – BSOD Tutorials to Machines Can Think

I apologise for the lack of posting recently, however, there have been several reasons for the lack of writing on this blog which I will outline below. On the other hand, in case I haven’t explained this already, a few months ago (when I was active) I changed the title of this blog from BSOD Tutorials to Machines Can Think; I was going to also change the URL but decided it for traffic and continuity reasons.

The main reason for the title change, was the content of the blog has changed and diversified due to the range of topics which interest me, and therefore wish to write about on this blog. The number of interests has since increased, and I am now considering creating another blog for current affairs, but that is debatable and I’m still deciding over if I should create it or not.

Anyhow, the reasons why I haven’t written in a while is: most of the writing projects I have in draft are quite large and time-consuming; working full-time and studying full-time gives me very limited leisure time, and difficult family circumstances have taken priority over my writing.

I must say to avoid any confusion of any narcissism, I don’t consider myself to be proficient in writing at all,  when I speak about the word “writing”, I’m not trying to put any particular emphasis on the quality of my writing and proclaim that I’m great at writing tutorials and blog posts. I simply wish to state the activity which I enjoy, can be rather time-consuming and difficult sometimes. I always apply the same principle when discussing topics like science, mathematics or philosophy, I read these topics regularly but I don’t like to take the stance that I’m well versed in these topics, even if others might consider me to actually be. I think it comes from my particular gripe I have with people self proclaiming that their an expert in an area, which they very may well be, however, I feel it can come across as bigoted and vain; it’s best to let others to say that about you themselves. On the other hand, the word “considered” can be deemed acceptable, especially when used with “by others”.

I will strive to have something written this week, most likely related to WinDbg and additionally a post about Maths.




About 0x14c

I'm currently a Software Developer. My primary interests are Mathematics, Programming and Windows Internals.
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