Release of WinDbg Preview for Windows 10

Microsoft have decided to release a new version of WinDbg with a new UI. The UI has been designed to provide WinDbg with a more contemporary appearance, and more importantly, provide easier access to some of the important features of WinDbg such as the Registers window and the Command output window.

WinDbg Preview – Dark Theme

I’ve only started to use the preview version of WinDbg today, however, I have noted that once a dump file has been loaded into the debugger, the last line of the call stack is also printed. In addition to this, you’re also now able to switch between a light and dark themed Windbg, which is a feature that I quite enjoy using, especially if you’re potentially using WinDbg for long periods of time.

The underlying engine is the exact same at the moment, and therefore all the usual extensions and commands will work with this version of WinDbg. Although, I feel that debugger is rather sluggish against its current counterpart, despite the fact, that Microsoft have stated it has been designed to be smoother!

For more details, please visit the following blog post on Debugging Tools for Windows, which also provides the download link for the debugger. Please note that Microsoft have made no intentions yet to release the preview version for other operating system builds such as Windows 7. Although, I suspect that further alterations will be made to this version of WinDbg in the future, which will hopefully allow backwards compatibility with earlier operating systems.




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