About Me

About This Blog:

This blog is primarily intended to provide information on Mathematics, Windows BSOD Debugging and other areas of Computer Science. It is also a place for me to write about subjects that are of an interest to me such as Philosophy and Statistics.

I started to write this blog for two reasons: I enjoy writing about science and philosophy, and wanted to provide a place for people to learn from. I’m a strong supporter of free education for everyone, and believe hard work and motivation is what is most needed if you wish to learn something new.

About Me:

I’m currently a Software Developer primarily using C#.

My main interest is Theoretical Computer Science and BSOD Debugging. These two subjects are which constitute most of my posts. My other interests are in Mathematics, particularly Graph Theory, Number Theory and Discrete Geometry.

I’m currently a Global Moderator at Sysnative Forums which is a excellent forum for providing computer support, particularly BSOD Debugging and Malware Removal. You can find me under the username of x BlueRobot.




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