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I'm currently a Software Developer. My primary interests are Graph Theory, Number Theory, Programming Language Theory, Logic and Windows Debugging.

Why I’m No Longer Vegan

Veganism has seen a generous increase of practitioners of its philosophy and diet over the following years, which has seen an increase in the number of vegan-friendly products on supermarkets and restaurants. However, while the philosophy of veganism is undeniably … Continue reading

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Debugging Stop 0x17C – PDC_LOCK_WATCHDOG

Stop 0x17C is a very rare bugcheck which I have only come across on a handful of occasions, and therefore it can be quite daunting to debug, especially since there is almost no documentation. The bugcheck appears to be caused … Continue reading

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Debugging Stop 0xC4 – Pool Allocation Error

A Stop 0xC4 is thrown by Driver Verifier and is typically very easy to debug. However, I thought I would show a few aspects of the bugcheck which are useful for identifying how the crash occurred and how you can … Continue reading

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Release of WinDbg Preview for Windows 10

Microsoft have decided to release a new version of WinDbg with a new UI. The UI has been designed to provide WinDbg with a more contemporary appearance, and more importantly, provide easier access to some of the important features of … Continue reading

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Some Notes on the Goldbach Conjecture

The Goldbach Conjecture is a very simple conjecture to understand providing you have some basic knowledge about primes. It is one of those conjectures which is very easy to comprehend, but fiendishly difficult to solve. It was first conceived during … Continue reading

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Project Euler: Problem 29

Problem 29 is actually a very easy problem to solve, but I will not provide the direct code, however, instead will provide the answer to the problem along with some insight into how to solve the problem using Java or … Continue reading

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Understanding Atom Tables

Atom Tables have been a structure on Windows which I wanted to investigate for a while, but only have managed to find the time to write about now. Atom Tables enable strings to be encoded by with a 16-bit integer … Continue reading

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