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I'm a Computer Science student and writer. My primary interests are Graph Theory, Number Theory, Programming Language Theory, Logic and Windows Debugging.

Release of WinDbg Preview for Windows 10

Microsoft have decided to release a new version of WinDbg with a new UI. The UI has been designed to provide WinDbg with a more contemporary appearance, and more importantly, provide easier access to some of the important features of … Continue reading

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Some Notes on the Goldbach Conjecture

The Goldbach Conjecture is a very simple conjecture to understand providing you have some basic knowledge about primes. It is one of those conjectures which is very easy to comprehend, but fiendishly difficult to solve. It was first conceived during … Continue reading

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Project Euler: Problem 29

Problem 29 is actually a very easy problem to solve, but I will not provide the direct code, however, instead will provide the answer to the problem along with some insight into how to solve the problem using Java or … Continue reading

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Understanding Atom Tables

Atom Tables have been a structure on Windows which I wanted to investigate for a while, but only have managed to find the time to write about now. Atom Tables enable strings to be encoded by with a 16-bit integer … Continue reading

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Learning the Importance of Mathematics

Tonight, I thought I would write about how I came to become so interested in Mathematics; and the importance of Mathematics in scienfic disciplines; and more importantly the importance of Mathematics in our everyday life. Mathematics, in my opinion, is … Continue reading

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The Fundamental Laws of Logic

The Fundamental Laws of Logic or the Classic Laws of Thought may be redundant in some respects; the introduction of propositional logic and fuzzy logic has meant that some of the axioms (some disrupted to be axioms) these laws are … Continue reading

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The Rise of Fake BSODs

There has recently been an increasingly number of occurrences of fake BSODs, all of which appear to be malware related. The BSODs are usually poorly designed and easy to spot if you have any experience with Windows or debugging BSODs. … Continue reading

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