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There are many good websites and blogs which are related to Reverse Engineering, BSOD Debugging and Mathematics. This page has been created to house all the websites which teach the aforementioned topics to the best of my knowledge. If you would like for your website to be added to the list, then please post a request in the comments section.


Friends Websites:

Website: Adam Pooley | Web Developer

Adam has recently graduated from MMU with a 1:1 in Computer Science, his main interest, as his website suggests, is web development and some mobile development. His website homes a list of his projects.

Website: BSOD Kernel Dump Analysis

Patrick was a Microsoft MVP and a Global Moderator at several large and well known forums, including Tech Support Forum and Sysnative Forums. His primary interest was BSOD Debugging and Reverse Engineering. His website gives some insight into the internals of some malware examples, as well as, several guides on BSOD Debugging.

Website: bsoddebugging | Debugging and Mathematics

Jared is a Global Moderator at Sysnative Forums and Staff Member at Tech Support Forum, and has a primary interest in solving BSOD issues. His other interests include C/C++ programming and Mathematics. His website concentrates on providing guides to users on how to resolve BSODs.

Website: OMG Debugging!

Pranav is a Forum Moderator at Sysnative Forums, and is interested in BSOD Debugging and general Windows troubleshooting. He is a MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) in Azure and Hyper-V technologies. His website currently covers BSOD Debugging and various general troubleshooting cases.

Security/Reverse Engineering:

Debugging and Operating System Internals:

Theoretical Computer Science and Mathematics:





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